About Me

Asheville is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

I have been in real estate for 32 years in the Asheville area. During that time I have seen many changes in the market and the profession. We have technology we didn't dream of when I started. We have Buyer's agents and Seller's agents. We have tons more paperwork and disclosures and warnings about everything. Home inspections, radon tests have joined, termite reports.  Everything about real estate has changed, is changing, and will change.

NC Arboretum


Apples from Henderson County

For this reason I have been taking courses right from the beginning to help me stay up to date so that I can help you make the best decisions about the homes you want to buy or sell. A home is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime. Having all the information you need is very important.

Please feel free to email me with questions at any time at eunice@ashevillehome.com or call me at 828-230-4894